Author: nishisharma

First Prize Winner CWRA

Congratulations to Vanessa Miller for winning the first prize in the lucky draw at the CWRA Summer Fair. Ron Vaz hands over the envelope with a cash prize of £100. News photos bring their own challenges as they have to be done...

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Epsom Downs Event Photographer

Epsom Downs event photographer at the College Ward Residents Association’s AGM Every year in April the College Ward Residents Association meets at Epsom Downs for its Annual General Meeting. It’s a fantastic event...

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Photo booth

How to set up a photo booth Yesterday, my wife and I set up a photo booth at a local summer fair for the first time. I used my newly made pull out banner for the first time, which gave our set up a professional feel to it....

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Audio CD Production

I have just completed the audio CD contains two guided meditations by Dr Nimmi Hutnik. These meditations aim to help terminally ill individuals to prepare for the ultimate. Dr Nimmi Hutnik is an Accredited Cognitive Behaviour...

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