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Farmers Market in Epsom

On the first Sunday of the month, Epsom has the Farmers Market the market square under the clock tower. It starts at 9:30am and people drift in to look at the products on sale and it gets very busy by lunchtime. The atmosphere...

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Sony 35mm FE images

After some waiting for a few days my Sony 35mm f1.8 FE lens arrived. So, this morning I went out to my town centre to put the lens to test. I love it’s performance. The images are sharp and it’s quick to focus. The lens is...

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A formal portrait session

Everyone needs headshots. It could be for LinkedIn, facebook or for their company website. It’s common for people, who walk in to my studio to have their formal portrait taken, say they don’t like being photographed....

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Linda has her hair cut-off

Linda Bernard loses her beautiful long hair on 22nd October to raise funds for a seven year old boy Ephraim in Guyana. He is suffering from hydrocephalus. The condition causes an abnormal accumulation of fluid within the...

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Yousuf Karsh Exhibition

When I discovered that the exhibition of the world renowned portrait photographer Yousuf Karsh is on for a few more days I immediately headed for London. It’s been held in a small hall of Beetle + Huxley in Swallow Street, not...

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