Opening of CLINK restaurant in Brixton prison in London

Brixton event photographyThe CLINK charity has opened a new restaurant inside the Brixton prison. It aims to trains prisoners as chefs to a very high standard. The aim is to give the inmates a skill, which enables them to find a job after their release from the prison. This in turn reduces the reoffending rate significantly. The guests at the restaurant are the general public who enjoy a quality meal in classy surroundings, though they have to use plastic cutlery for security reasons. No wine is served either. You can read about it in detail here.

For me the photography was quite a daunting task due to high security inside the prison. I had to comply with a lot of security regulation before entering the prison and while photographing. No lighting stands or tripods were allowed inside the prison and my mobile phone was deposited safely in a locker before I stepped in to the prison compound.

Several of the images that I took were published in the national newspapers and the Evening Standard.

The Daily Telegraph

The Daily Mail

The Independent

Here is a small selection of images:

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