Most corporates and businesses need headshots of their personnel for their websites or publications, which need to be updated periodically. Although anyone can take snapshots these days, there is nothing like an artistically lit and posed photograph that reflects the subject’s personality and their position in the company.

Businesses use headshots to introduce their teams. Here is an example of how LSP Event Media photographed headshots of the team and other practise images at Houghton White Opticians.

First impressions count. Your professionally taken headshot is vital in presenting yourself to the world .

But, let’s accept it, most people dislike being photographed formally, especially by a stranger. They become very self-conscious when they are asked to stare into a camera lens. They just can’t relate to a photographer who is hiding behind his camera. It just puts them off. At the end of our photo sessions, we have had people say to us they really loved the experience of being photographed. Well, what else could we have asked for!

A skilled photographer’s friendly and warm personality can quickly overcome that inhibition. Portrait photography is an art, and it takes years of practice and experience to take good portraits. The personality of the photographer makes a huge difference in getting the best out of his/her subject. We always spend a few minutes with our subject getting to know them, which helps them relax. We make sure that they no longer see us as a stranger. The time spent is very rewarding and pays dividends in getting the right and pleasing expressions on my subject’s face.

Once you’ve booked a session, we will come to you with the photographic background of your choice – white, black or grey. If you have a meeting room, we will set up our portable studio. We can shoot the portraits outdoors also, weather permitting, if you don’t have a meeting room. Alternatively, you might prefer an environmental portrait.

If you have special events, like the Christmas party or special celebration then my assistant and I will set up a photo booth for you. These are very popular at parties. On such occasions, people feel relaxed and enjoy being photographed in their party clothes. Once we have taken the photo, we will make the prints from the photo of your choice using high-quality print technology, ready to be collected in a few minutes.

Whether its your company’s head shots or a special event why not give us a try. Call us on 07907 644 927 or contact us for a no obligation quote.

Please call us on 07807 644 927 or email Nishi for a no obligation quote.

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