Even though it was drizzling all morning, I decided to visit the Farmers Market in Epsom. It was wet and cold. The car parking in Epsom is expensive, so I always prefer to walk. I had to put on my waterproofs. I was carrying my basic filming kit with me, which weighed me down a bit. In the end, I think it was well worth it. 

My main reason for going to visit the market, to be honest, was to try out my new Blackmagic Pocket Camera (a bit of a mouthful) 6K. The specs and reviews of this cinema camera were excellent, at least for my style of shooting. But, I had to find out if it will work for me when I am working under pressure and speed?

I got to the Farmers market after a 15 min walk in the rain. I hung around under the shelter of M & S with other shoppers for 20 minutes, watching the world go by. Finally, the rain stopped.

The market was busy, though not as much as I had expected. I recon some older folks were hesitant to get out due to the fear of catching Covid-19. Others might have been held back by the rain.


I managed to do a bit of filming before some official stopped me (as expected) and asked me what I was doing. When I explained, he gently smiled, gave me his blessings, and asked me to carry on. To be perfectly honest, I’m never very comfortable filming or photographing obtrusively in a public place. In an ideal situation for a steady shot, one must use a tripod. However, in a public place, I don’t like using tripods for health and safety reasons. A passer-by can easily trip over over one of its legs. They get injured, I smash my camera and deal with the consequences! So, I prefer a stabilising monopod made by a company called 3 Legged Thing. It gives me the freedom to move around and be less conspicuous. 

Unfortunately, the dark and damp December afternoon didn’t bring many customers out to the Farmers Market. However, speaking to the stallholders, I got the impression that they seemed to have had a reasonable day. 

How did my BMPCC 6K perform? I did have some issues in a couple of shots with the camera stabilisation on the monopod but, that was purely my getting used to the 3 Legged Thing! 

If you live in and around Epsom and have not yet visited the Farmers market then please do so. You will find quality products there. Moreover, you will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and meet delightful and friendly stallholders.

Here are a few images from the video shoot. For more from an earlier shoot, please click here. I hope to make a short video clip of the Farmers Market next month when I’ve got a few more video clips.

Rain drenched the street in the Farmers Market in Epsom

Three women wearing masks at the Farmers Market Epsom

An oriental family visiting the Farmers Market in Epsom

A couple with a dog talking with a lady at the stall

A stall holder having a friendly conversation with is customers at the Farmers Market Epsom

A gentleman buying bread from the lady in green at the Farmers Market Epsom

An olive stall at the Farmers Market Epsom

An stall holder selling fresh coffee to a lady at the Farmers Market Epsom

Farmers Market Epsom

Farmers Market Epsom

Farmers Market Epsom


Farmers Market Epsom