On the first Sunday of the month, Epsom has the Farmers Market in the market square under the clock tower. It starts at 9:30 am, and people drift in to look at the products on sale, and it gets bustling by lunchtime. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the stallholder did not object to me snapping away.

Some stallholders travel up to 50 miles to sell their goods. I spoke to one lady who was selling bread, quiches and pies. She told me she cooks with her two daughters during the week and ventures out over the weekends to sell her food items.

This was my personal project and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Here is a small selection of images:

man selling cheese

French cheese Farmers Market

a cheese seller

candid shot of stallholder

a food stall


Farmers Market in Epsom

Farmers Market food photography

Farmers Market

food photos in Farmers Market

Farmers Market

French cheese seller Farmers market

Fresh Coffee stall at Epsom Farmers Market

I used a Sony 35mm f1.8 FE lens on my camera, so I had to be close to taking the photos. I chatted with the stallholders and got their consent before taking photographs.

They were very curious to find out what was fascinating me to take pictures of their goods. When I showed them the images, they were amazed to see a very different kind of image with a shallow depth of field. Most people these days shoot with their mobile phones, which generally keeps everything in focus. I prefer to get a shallow depth of field in my photos, easy to achieve with prime lenses.

I had just purchased the Sony 35mm f1.8 lens and wanted to give it a go, and the Farmers Market seemed the perfect place to me.

The French cheese seller fascinated me most. He was conversing with some of his customers in French, which I found most intriguing. I am sure not all his customers will be French in Epsom. While I was there, his stall was the busiest.

Other stallholders were selling honey, pickles and a wide variety of other products. I am sure when the renovation of the marketplace is over, it will attract many more stallholders.