Everyone needs headshots. It could be for LinkedIn, facebook or for their company website. It’s common for people, who walk in to my studio to have their formal portrait taken, say they don’t like being photographed. Well, the honest answer is – who does? However, the number of selfies I see people take everyday and one comes across in Facebook seems to imply otherwise.

I strongly believe as a portrait photographer it’s my job to reassure people they look good. I make sure I have made all the preparations for the photo shoots well in advance though sometimes the key light might need last-minute adjustments. I try to keep my lighting as simple as possible. In the portrait below I used one strobe to light the background paper and the second through a rectangular soft box. 

Over the years I have learnt that if a photographer hides behind his camera while taking a photograph then that makes his sitters more nervous. This is where placing my camera on a tripod helps a lot and that frees me to keep chatting with my subject. Keeping the conversation light-hearted and a sense of humour is a great advantage. I never ask my subjects to smile. Instead, I try to crack a joke or say something humourous makes my subject smile. In a nutshell, I am a great believer in making my subject to ‘react’ instead of ‘act’.

A formal studio portrait