Every business and corporate needs headshots. In a corporate environment the opportunity for environmental portraits might be limited. Most people work in front of their computers and in that situation headshots can look semi though the CEO’s office often provides a great opportunity to reflect their corporate image.

On the contrast, in a commercial context, there are often various options for environmental portraits. Houghton Whiter wanted to update headshots on their website. So, when they approached me I suggested going for environmental portraits. I knew that this might involve interruption to their work, but the downside outweighed the advantages. To keep the workflow uninterrupted, we shot the images over two days.

I also wanted to photograph action shots of patient’s eyes being tested. We did that by getting a young lade and a man to pose as patients. They were great in giving their time while I organised and adjusted the lighting.

In all I supplied just over 100 retouched images and was thrilled to receive a positive feedback from one partner of the practice:

“I’m blown away by how well you’ve captured us all – thank you! My husband now has a decent photo of me for his wallet at last!! “
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