An Inspiring Artist


Margaret Eggleton, based in Surrey, is an inspiring artist. Her painting are exhibited in various art galleries in London and further afield. She is both a passionate teacher and trainer.

Margaret has been drawing and painting ever since she was a child.

She runs weekly art classes, which are very popular and are always full and she is also in great demand to run demonstration sessions at various art groups.

Margaret is a member of the Society of Women Artists, the Society of Graphic Fine Art, and the Society of Botanical artists.

She has written two books: Masterclass in Drawing Flowers and Masterclass in Drawing Landscapes, published by Search Press. The Masterclass in Drawing Landscapes has also been translated in French and Spanish.


A few months ago LSP Event Media approached Margaret with great hesitation, as we know she is an extremely busy artist, to ask if we could make a short documentary about her. To our delight and amazement she agreed. Over the past three months we’ve been filming her sketching, running art classes, demonstrating her newly discovered techniques to Ashtead Arts Group and painting in her home studio. 

Filming Margaret’s demonstration session in the Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall was a big challenge. It’s not always easy getting good shots without being intrusive. To begin with we placed the camera at the back of the meeting room which was packed with not one spare chair. The only way of getting the good shots of her in action was to place the camera to her right as she was painting with her left hand. But that would have meant walking in front of the audiences to get there. That would have been very intrusive. So, we waited until the coffee break and moved in to that spot – a tight corner! The event organiser commented at the end that she was very impressed by our filming unobtrusively during the demonstration. 

Our aim has always been never to take an advantage of the permission to film an event for the sake of some creative shots!   

What a privilege it’s been working with Margaret Eggleton on this seven minute documentary. She has been amazing and gracious in putting up with me interrupting her busy life with endless requests for artwork and filming sessions. We filmed it over three months and here is the finished product. We hope you’ll enjoy watching it.

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