Migration for the common good

In July I made a film a debate on Migration that was held at St Marys Church, Putney, London. It’s an old anglican church and the site has been a place of worship since 13th Century. Today it’s a very modern and welcoming church with a welcoming cafe before you enter the church. Instead of pews now there are chairs placed in a semi-circle to make the worship services more homely. Improved lighting has made a huge difference.


The debate was on Migration for the Common Good was Chaired by Elizabeth Oldfield, Theos’ Director and introduced by Ben Ryan, Head of Research.

There were five experts on the panel and the debate lasted for about an hour, followed by a Q &A session.It was a very gripping debate as Migration is a very hot topic. The speakers spoke with great passion and with conviction. So, the whole process of filming and post production became very enjoyable.

The hardest part of any filming in a church is being able to capture good sound. I had to run a 25m cable from the sound desk and bring it down one of the church pillars provided the solution. You have to be extremely careful with cables in public places for health and safety reasons.

I worked closely with the founder of the Together for the Common Good, Jenny Sinclair, who poured over the transcripts for hours to select the contents. 

Hope you enjoy watching it.