After some waiting for a few days my Sony 35mm f1.8 FE lens arrived. So, this morning I went out to my town centre to put the lens to test. I love it’s performance. The images are sharp and it’s quick to focus. The lens is well built and has a 55mm filter thread. 

On the first Sunday of the month, Epsom has the Farmers Market the the market square. It starts at 9:30am and people drift in to look at the products on sale and gets very busy by lunchtime. The atmosphere is relaxed and stall holder did not object to me snapping away.

Some stall holders travel up to 50miles to sell their goods. I spoke to one stall holder who was selling bread, quiches and pies. She told me she cooks with her two daughters during the week and ventures out over the weekends to sell her food items. 

Here is a small selection of images, shot mostly on f1.8.