Surrey County Council will have part-night street lights

I took this photograph for a publication. The article was about informing the readers that their local council is planning to turn off some street lights at night as a cost-cutting exercise. I like the challenges of editorial photography and these days very few images are shot especially to illustrate an article. Most editors turn to stock picture libraries instead of commissioning a photographer to go out and take the photographs. They can find what they want quickly and at an affordable price online. However, there are images of local areas that are not available in stock libraries.

Epsom editorial photography

In my meeting with the editor, I was asked to supply an image to illustrate the article. For quite a while I really struggled with visualizing it. After a few initial thoughts, I decided to go down at dusk to a side street on a bitterly cold evening. I had my camera mounted on a tripod and I waited for a while for some inspiration. Suddenly, I saw a big car turning into the street in front of me. I held the shutter down for 15 sec to get the trail of the tail lights.

The editor liked this shot because the light trails have made it quite dynamic and you can see the three street lights in it! I was delighted to see it in the publication.