This was my first visit to the International Kite Festival at Portsmouth, organised by the Kite Society of Great Britain, based in Colchester. Judging from the membership of the Kite Society, which is over 4000, kite flying seems to be a serious hobby in the UK.

London Event Photographer

Event photographer

Portsmouth Kite Festival 2017

Kites have always fascinated me. I come from a country where flying kites at a certain time of the year is a serious hobby. However, until I went to the International Kite Festival, I had not seen such a wide variety of kites.

It was a lovely warm and sunny day. The popularity of the event had attracted thousands of people. We had to queue up for a good 10minutes to get in to the car park. Credit to the local council which had provided plenty of car parking spaces.

Families enjoying a nice day out

As I step out of the car, I saw the sky in front covered in kites of all shapes of sizes. Thousands of people of all ages had gathered around the arena to enjoy the kite displays.

Kites of all shapes and sizes can be seen here

The first item on the timetable was an Altitude Sprint—Race against time to be the highest kite in the sky. This was followed by Flying Fish—pairs dual line ballet routine.

At 13.55 there was a display of a kite train—50 small kites on one string. It took the team a good 10 minutes to get it up these in the air and the same amount to bring them down.

Edo kites are the Japanese flat kites made from modern materials.

Event photography

Japanese flat kites

The highlight of the day for me was the spectacular and skilful display of “One man—Three kites”. Can you imagine one person controlling three kites and making them dance gracefully to music? I never felt that the display of kites dancing to music would ever create such an emotion response in me. But it did.

Kites dancing to rhythm of music

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