From Fire to Flame is a short seven-minute documentary about the story of Flame Guitars, which offers professional, high quality, servicing, setup and repair on all types of guitars. 

Flame Guitars is run by an energetic retired firefighter who used to work for the London Fire-brigade. This inspired me with the title of this documentary – From Fire to Flames. 

When I asked David if there was any reason behind naming his business Flame Guitars he replied “The origin of the name Flame Guitars, is partly a nod to 30 + years working in the London Fire Brigade. But it’s also for me when Ithinkingabout Flame guitars. And thinking about my life around sort for fire and flame, a,flame needs oxygen, it needs heat, it need fuel to live and grow and breathe. And, in some way,music is a bit like that. So, a guitar in it essence no more thanwood and metal but in the hands of someone who can breathe energy and life into it, it almost like music hand in grow and decay, a bit like a flame or a fire can.”

making a short documentary

I enjoyed working with David on this documentary. We shot it over three morning. 

Day 1: After our preliminary conversation I filmed the interview using two cameras. The Canon C100 Mk2, fitted with Atoms Ninja Flame shooting in ProRes 422, was setto a wide shot to show David in his surroundings and the Sony Z280 was set to film a medium close-up. I used XAVC-I codec for the Z280 to get the best quality. The key light was RotolightAeoswith barn doors to control the direction of light. This was placedto David’s left. The TotaLight was the second light source on the right of David behind him in a corner. The TotaLight was fittedwith a blue gel.

Day 2: We concentrated on David starting to build a guitar. We first see him cutting a piece of wood and then preparing the top plate. He also picked up a guitar and put new strings on it. 

Day 3: Two of his customers visit him one after the other. I wasn’t quite sure how this session will go as I didn’t want to interrupt in any way David dealing with them. So, ihad to take a fly on the wall approach. We were working in a very confined area and David’s work test it quite high which made filming quite a challenge. However, I think I managed to getenough footage to show some interaction between David and his customers.

I edited the film in Final Cut X. I quite enjoyed the creative process of putting various pieces of a jigsaw together. Will I do anything differently if I was to shoot it again? The answer is sure. I would take much longer to set up the lighting for the interview part. We are always learning…

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