The LSP Event Media has been privileged to make this short film about Flame Guitars.

This inspiring documentary is about the passion of David Kennett who runs a flourishing business, Flame Guitars, in south London, building and repairing guitars.

He used to be a firefighter and worked for the London Fire Brigade for many years.

This is the story of how David got interested in making custom electric guitars and has become passionate about guitars. His appearance in the BBC’s Repair Shop has given him and his business a big boost.


David says: “I had no background in woodworking whatsoever apart from maybe a term of wood working at a school. So I didn’t know how to sharpen a chisel, how to use a plane, use any of the tools I was going to be using for making guitars but I thought well, I’ll have a go at that. 

So, I started that, it was just on evening a week at the local local college and I went on to make my first very average to poor classical guitar, Spanish guitar. But the whole process of making a guitar just captivated me.

And I just knew I wanted to go on and make other guitars. And I often describe as like some bug crawled inside me and has never been able to get out since. And so I just went on and made a number of steel string guitars and then moved on to electric guitars.